Our Town is the 2nd episode of Young Americans. It is also titled Some Good Times.

Synopsis Edit

Will's growing friendship with Scout is tested by old ties; Scout brawls with Bella's new admirer; Hamilton and Jake grope for common ground.

Plot Edit

Will has trouble juggling his time between his new life and friends at Rawley, and his old life and friends at home. Between school and work, crew and baseball, Will arrives late to everything. His best friend SEAN gets angry when he finds out Will is attending Rawley. He tries to apologize but Sean continues to steam. In order to be closer to Bella, Scout takes a job at the diner across from her gas station. As he watches Bella working he gets jealous when he sees her talking to Sean. At a party, Scout tells Bella he wants his father to know about her. Sean watches her get upset so he picks a fight with Scout, and Will is asked to leave. In a later argument Scout says bad things about Sean and questions his friendship to Will, but they make up.

Will confides his troubles to Finn who takes him to his parents' old house and explains that the two may have more in common than Will thought. He advises him to tell Sean that he doesn't want to leave him behind. Will watches the championship baseball game and Sean wins. Afterward he admits he kept Rawley a secret because he was afraid he might fail. Sean then admits he always believed in Will and knew he could succeed at anything. Meanwhile, Hamilton (who still thinks Jake is a man) tells Jake he is not gay and threatens him with violence if he (she) tries to kiss him again. Jake later tells Hamilton that his (her) bike is missing so they sneak into the groundskeeper's quarters and steal the bike back. During this they become more attracted to one another. Jake assures Hamilton that he (she) is not gay and tells him not to be uncomfortable around her. The next day Jake offers him a ride on his (her) bike but he simply ignores the offer.

Starring Edit

Kate Bosworth as Bella Banks
Mark Famiglietti as Scout Calhoun
Katherine Moennig as Jake Pratt
Rodney Scott as Will Krudski
Ian Somerhalder as Hamilton Fleming
Ed Quinn as Finn

Recurring cast

Matt Czuchry as Sean McGrail
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