Cinderbella is the 4th episode of Young Americans.

Synopsis Edit

When Will and Bella (Rodney Scott, Kate Bosworth) attend a dance together, they're both distracted by others; Scout (Mark Famiglietti) tries to enjoy his evening with Paige (guest star Cyndi Johnson); Hamilton and Jake (Ian Somerhalder, Katherine Moennig) exchange secrets.

Plot Edit

Just as Will begins to wonder what more he could hope for in life... a "princess", CAROLINE, comes in the picture. Meanwhile, Sean asks Bella about her feelings for Scout. She assures him nothing exists between them. Scout asks Paige to the Rawley Cotillion, Jake asks Hamilton to go solo with him (her), and Scout pressures Will into asking Caroline. She already has a date with JOSH CARSON. Not willing to give up just yet, Will asks Bella to accompany him, and she reluctantly accepts.

Starring Edit

Kate Bosworth as Bella Banks
Mark Famiglietti as Scout Calhoun
Katherine Moennig as Jake Pratt
Rodney Scott as Will Krudski
Ian Somerhalder as Hamilton Fleming
Ed Quinn as Finn
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